Transformative Infrastructure Initiatives: Lucknow’s Green Corridor Project Unveiled

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By Dr. Anya Saxena, Urban Development Analyst


The Lucknow Development Authority (LDA) is spearheading the development of the Green Corridor project, a comprehensive infrastructure initiative aimed at alleviating traffic congestion in Lucknow, the capital of the Indian state of Uttar Pradesh. The project encompasses the construction of new bridges, the widening of existing roads, and the implementation of innovative solutions to address parking challenges.

Construction of New Bridges

To address the traffic gridlock at Hanuman Setu, a new two-lane bridge spanning 210 meters will be constructed at an estimated cost of ₹27.47 crore. Similarly, a four-lane bridge will be built at Nishatganj Bandha Road, measuring 210 meters and costing ₹49.42 crore. The construction of a third four-lane bridge is planned at Kukrail Nullah, with a length of 240 meters and a budget of ₹54.92 crore.

Widening of Nishatganj Bandha Road

The Bandha Road connecting Nishatganj to Kurkail Bridge will be upgraded into a four-lane thoroughfare, facilitating smoother traffic flow.

Connecting Road in Gomti Nagar Extension

A strategic connecting road will be constructed in Sector-6 of Gomti Nagar extension, linking the SSB underpass, Gomti river embankment, Shaheed Path, and Kanpur Road. This new route is anticipated to reduce travel distances and ease congestion on Shaheed Path, with an estimated cost of ₹4.91 crore.

Underground Parking near Ekana Stadium

To address parking challenges, a two-floor multi-level mechanical underground parking facility will be built in Sector-7 of Gomti Nagar extension. Spanning an area of 6898 square meters, the parking will accommodate 236 two-wheelers and 454 four-wheelers. A budget of ₹61.94 crore has been allocated for this project, which will also include the development of an adjacent park with recreational amenities.

New Road from Balu Adda

To alleviate congestion at the 1090 crossing in Gomti Nagar, a new 920-meter road will be constructed from Balu Adda up to the residence of the Director General of Police. This new route will provide an alternative traffic flow pattern, easing congestion on existing roads.


The Green Corridor project is a comprehensive and ambitious initiative that seeks to transform the traffic landscape of Lucknow and improve the quality of life for its residents. By constructing new bridges, widening roads, and implementing innovative parking solutions, the LDA aims to address the chronic traffic congestion that has plagued the city. These infrastructure developments promise to enhance connectivity, streamline traffic flow, and contribute to the economic and social progress of Lucknow.

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